Process Engineering and Technology Specialists

Our journey in the liquid processes started in 2003 and continues to date. We are highly recognized and respected in the biofuels industry. With all the lessons learned over the years and seeing the process deficiencies and inefficiencies in the CBD market, our company has decided to enter the market after couple of years of process development as well as market research to extract CBD and purify it further to eliminate THC as well as concentrate other Cannabinoid components such as CBG, CBN and other minors on an on-demand basis.

Our expertise in technologies range from Solvent Extraction to Distillation to Supercritical applications, including multiple patents on Supercritical process technologies for biofuels. 

Our company is highly experienced in Scaling up, High Volume Operations, Sales and Procurement. We are centrally located in Ohio and has the fabrication as well as process engineering capabilities to expand our operations based on the demand.

We leveraged our Process Engineering experience and expertise along with Operational experience operating large Biofuel plants into building a highly efficient CBD operations producing high purity product.

What's in a Name?

Hypernovas are brief insights into the colossal cosmos that exists beyond our reach, Whenever we witness the gamma rays of a hypernova, they remind us of the beauty and power of the universe. They serve as a reminder of the life and possibilities that exist in the galaxies and superclusters. So while hypernovas are dangerous upclose, at far distances, they serve as our way of witnessing the universe and all of its immense powers.

While all of this may sound great, the question still stands: Why name a CBD company after a Hypernova? At HyperNovaCBD, we are driven to provide unique care and health in a way that has never been seen before via quality and use of technologies. With the industrial hemp market growing as it is, there needs to be products that ensure the safety and quality during the widespread growth of the industry. We are the hypernova of the hemp industry: uniquely significant and willing to go to the most extreme to guarantee quality, safety and wellness for our users. We are here to make our impact.