Frequently Asked Questions

When CBD Oil is extracted from Industrial Hemp, it will have a certain amount of THC depending on the strain of the Hemp used. At HyperNovaCBD, we take out the THC from the CBD Oil, so when you test the CBD Oil, it will have non detectable amounts of THC. 

Zero THC eliminates any guesswork on the part of the manufacturers and consumers. It’s peace of mind and no need to constantly change the formulations or worrying about the product you just put into the market.

When the entire plant (Hemp) is used to extract the CBD oil, it’s called Full Spectrum CBD Oil. At HyperNovaCBD, we only use full plant to extract CBD Oil and then eliminate THC. A full spectrum CBD oil with all Terpenes, Flavanoids, CBD components in tact are proven to be beneficial compared to Broad Spectrum or some other kind of CBD oil.

We use a proprietary slate of technologies and processes to extract and purify CBD Oil and eliminate THC. Our 20+ years of experience in the Liquid Process Industry and our R&D labs help us keep up to-date with technologies and changing market conditions. Our mission is to offer the ultra pure product to our customers.

HyperNovaCBD manufacturers the product in Tennessee. We procure Hemp from family farms around the U.S., that use Organic and other farming methods. We make sure Pesticides and Heavy Metals are non-existent in the cultivation of Hemp and in the end product.

We maintain the active inventory of our product. Please get in touch with our sales team to order. We offer product sizes starting from 500 gms (1/2 Kg) and above.

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