HypernovaCBD Case Study – Helping a Dog Grieve

HypernovaCBD Case Study - Helping a dog grieve.

Meet Simon, he is a gorgeous Labrador who had a very difficult year. Simon was always a very devoted and happy dog. Like most pups, he followed his owner around and indulged in everything a good puppy life has to offer. His world came crashing down when his owner unexpectedly passed away. Simon found a new home with his human’s friend and while he was well cared for and offered a great deal of attention he was not doing very well. 

Simon became very anxious and resorted to persistently scratching and biting himself. The fact that dogs can experience very complex emotions and suffer from depression is well known and while we are not aware of Simon’s official diagnosis it is clear that he was suffering. What made it worse was that his open wounds were not healing properly. They remained open and in many instances Simon continued to worsen them.

While his new owner seeked veterinary advice to help Simon recover, she turned to us to see if a mix of natural medicine and contemporary solutions could speed up the process. It did. While CBD has not been scientifically proven to solve any of the issues it is commonly attributed to heal, Simon’s new human (along with us) believe that it was the CBD that eased the pup’s anxiety and allowed him to heal his wounds. 

Simon is now more or less back to normal. He no longer has any of the horrific open cuts and wounds and he finally ceased scratching himself. He is now enjoying adventures with his new family. While we believe his original owner will always be in his heart, Simon can go on to experience life in peace now. 

We shared Simon’s story because as much as we do what we can to protect and care for our pets sometimes they simply struggle the way humans do. As the world opens up and people return to many activities outside of the home, dogs and cats in particular find themselves experiencing a heightened sense of anxiety. While we cannot guarantee that the CBD Pet Oil will be a one and done solution, it can help. As a natural remedy it is safe to incorporate it into your pet’s routine and observe its impact. We hope that we contribute to the wellness and wellbeing of many pets throughout the years. If your pet benefited from the CBD Pet Oil, we’d love to hear from you!